Monday, March 8, 2010

so i'm outside

my class right now waiting for class to start. it's not for about another hour or so. i wish i was bomb at math so i wouldn't have to come to class. ughhh but once i miss a class, i'm instantly behind. ughh it sucks. i brought a whole roll of toilet paper with me cause i was too lazy to look for our packets of kleenex. i've almost used up the whole roll. i'm that sick. it's so embarrassing blowing your nose in class. esp when there's a test going on. i really wish this stupid class wasn't on the 3rd floor. i really want to get a bagel and cream cheese. but i don't think i'll make it back up the stairs. ughhh. i hate being sick. i never get sick. i don't even know how this happened. when i woke up this morning i was feeling feverish. if i don't get better by tomorrow i'll probably end up having to go to the drs. ahh my feet fell asleep. now they feel funny. i wish anna would read my mind and bring a me a plain toasted bagel with 2 cream cheese packets. i also wish john didn't lose his phone so i could text him how horrible i'm feeling and so he can text me back something that'll make me feel a tad bit better. :( kawawa face.

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