Sunday, March 7, 2010

relationship stuff

so john and i went through a rough patch. but i think we're all better now. we're learning to compromise. i can't be such a bitch and he has to learn how to listen. if we keep this up we'll be on the right path to a healthy relationship. last week when we broke up for less than 24 hrs, my dad was asking, "where's john?" and i told him we broke up, my dad was like, what did you do? haha then i explained to my dad that was too mean of a gf and he deserved someone better. all my dad could say was, he was such a good kid. i can tell my dad really took a liking to him. so when we got back together i think my dad was relieved. so whenever my dad doesn't see john, he's always asking for him. trying to make sure we're still together. and whenever john and i fight, my dad always sides with john. it's kinda cute. like yesterday, john was driving semi wrecklessly in the rain, and he knows i hate it when he drives like that. ESP in the rain. so as he was making a left turn, he almost hit someone. i let it go. i said just be more careful as sweetly as i possibly could. then when we were a stop sign away from my house. he almost hit another car cause he didn't look both ways. that's when i flipped out on him. my dad new i was pissed when i came into the house. when we explained what happened. all my dad said was "all that matters is that he didn't hit anyone and you guys are ok." he didn't even lecture him on safe driving! but yeah. that's all. haha oh yeah i totally lost track of what i was writing. i'll just start a new post.

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kaesi said...

haha sorry.. im totally commenting on everything. lol.. OMG sarah! lorenz and i got into a huge fight about driving recklessly in the rain one time! i get so scared as passenger when he keeps cutting through lanes and exiting super late and almost hitting walls and cars and crap. haha. i guess guys don't like to be bothered while they are driving. lorenz got so defensive when i flipped out about his reckless driving. X_X freakin a.. i just get so scared!! it was freakin raining too. hahaha that's so funny how your dad sides with john! my mom always sides with me! she caught me and lorenz fighting outside one time and she was just like.. "you know, lorenz is just like your dad. high blood pressure. tell him to take vitamins." -___-

okokok.. back to studying for me.