Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i can't believe how long i've had this freakin' blog. it's fun going back through old posts and pictures. good times forsure.

i'm so lame sometimes &hearts


i wanna start doing it again so badlyyyy. i haven't done it since like sophomore year of college. i wanna be limber. ugh i need to start going to the gym more consistently also. i just wanna be fit and toned already. i wish it wasn't so hard and tedious. gahhhhhh. i hate how everything i want to eat is so bad for me :( it makes losing weight so much harder. asl;dfkjas;ldfjkalsdfkjal;df

...i wanna look like this alreadyyyy!

amazing weekend!

i really can't get over how fun last weekend was. i wish we took more pictures, but here's a few.







learning how to budget and manage my money is so much harder than i thought. i really need to start saving. spending is so much more fun than saving :( if i stop going out to eat, shopping, and whatever else i spend my money on, i could easily pay off all my bills in a couple of months. i just need to learn how to become responsible. sometimes i wish i still lived at home so i can go back to being REALLY spoiled, but then i come to the realization that being independent is so much more satisfying. we all know i'm not completely independent cause my dad still pays for the big stuff, but overall, i like to think i'm doing well for myself. :)