Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i wanna start doing it again so badlyyyy. i haven't done it since like sophomore year of college. i wanna be limber. ugh i need to start going to the gym more consistently also. i just wanna be fit and toned already. i wish it wasn't so hard and tedious. gahhhhhh. i hate how everything i want to eat is so bad for me :( it makes losing weight so much harder. asl;dfkjas;ldfjkalsdfkjal;df

...i wanna look like this alreadyyyy!


Anonymous said...

you look awesome like you are. You don´t need to change :)

ms. jacque said...

you are not your body. one only needs this body to carry us thru life. take care of your vehicle...be good to you. accept u as u r. the universe does.

julisson the cancer said...