Tuesday, March 1, 2011


learning how to budget and manage my money is so much harder than i thought. i really need to start saving. spending is so much more fun than saving :( if i stop going out to eat, shopping, and whatever else i spend my money on, i could easily pay off all my bills in a couple of months. i just need to learn how to become responsible. sometimes i wish i still lived at home so i can go back to being REALLY spoiled, but then i come to the realization that being independent is so much more satisfying. we all know i'm not completely independent cause my dad still pays for the big stuff, but overall, i like to think i'm doing well for myself. :)


Sofia Britts said...

Just take baby steps, Sars! Money matters are a bit complicated, so if you force yourself into learning the ropes, you might not understand how it really works. Acknowledging the fact that you need to be more responsible in your spending is a big first step. So, congrats!

julisson the cancer said...