Wednesday, August 27, 2014

from elitedaily - TARYN BROOKE

27 Honest Realities About Life You Must Accept Before Turning 27

Your early-to-mid 20s have been a time of both tremendous personal growth and stagnant career improvement. You are cruising along (or stumbling) into your late 20s and are now closer to 30 than you are to 20, which is almost too unbelievable to admit.
Despite the weirdness, there is more than enough cause to celebrate: You are slowly moving past the clouds of confusion and are finally beginning to figure out your life, your purpose and where it is that you belong in this world.
You are now learning how to deal with the constant chaos of life and grow from it.
Now is your chance to enjoy the wonderful time between not acknowledging that you know better and knowing better before you plummet into sh*t-is-real adulthood. Here are 27 things you must accept by age 27:

1. Credit cards are not another way to say “Free Money!”

You have probably already charged a lot and made some huge mistakes in your early 20s. Stop it now.

2. However, now you may be less broke!

Yes, the joy of having a career and adult responsibilities!

3. Confidence will get you everywhere.

AKA Fake it until you make it.

4. You are getting further into your career.

Hopefully, this is a good thing, but if you’re not happy with where your career is going, now is the time to make a change.

5. Your parents are the best people in your life.

And don’t forget to tell them that you love them. Every day.

6. Your mother is always right… about everything… even if you choose not to listen.

Trust me on this.

7. Dying your hair any color not found in nature is completely unacceptable.

Remember Manic Panic? Forget it.

8. The New York Times is your best friend.

It is no longer cute not to keep up with what is happening in the world.

9. It’s time to become politically aware.

Perhaps Bill Maher or Jon Stewart can help.

10. You will lose friends, but in the process, you will discover who your real friends are.

This is a good thing. You are growing as a person and forward movement is more positive than it is painful.

11. Your siblings (if you’re lucky enough to have them) are actually your best friends.

“Sister, sister” is so much more than a TV show and hashtag.

12. Negativity will hinder you in every way and it will affect you professionally.

Changing your attitude and taking stock of all of the good things in your life (and not just focusing on what you don’t have) is the only way to live.

13. Maturity will not stifle your emotions.

You’ll still freak out, but remember that logic is key. Breathe, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

14. Your friends are starting to get married.

So what? Proceed at your own pace and enjoy the open bar.

15. And they’re getting pregnant… on purpose.

Eventually, you’ll get used to this reality.

16. The marriages and pregnancies will get you thinking about your future and where exactly it’s going.

When will you propose to me?

17. You have to do things that you don’t want to do.

This is one of the inevitabilities of getting older and of life. You now have responsibilities and you won’t want to do them all — just accept this fact and move forward.

18. That extra drink or shot (if you can still even do those) may kill you.

And, I promise that you will still be paying for it on Monday morning. You will not be able to recover as quickly as you used to. Just drink less — it’ll save you money, too.

19. Also, don’t expect to be able to go to bed at 6 am and magically be able to function the next day.

You’re now a real person. Get as much sleep as a real person needs. Now is the time to start paying attention to Dr. Oz.

20. If you eat like sh*t, you will feel like sh*t.

It is time to start being much more conscious about the food you eat and how much of you eat. Take care of yourself! Your internist, wardrobe and full-length mirror will thank me later.

21. Make time to be active.

Schedule time to exercise or be generally active into your day the same way you remember and make time to brush your teeth. Also, you don’t want a flat butt by the time you turn 35 or a hunched back by the time you’re 45, this is mandatory.

22. You’re a better lover and have better lovers.

Need I say more?

23. Sunscreen.

Wear it. Every day. You’re welcome.

24. Time inexplicably goes by faster.

Didn’t I just turn 21 and graduate from college? Yeah… like two presidential campaigns ago.

25. You graduated high school a decade ago.

Think about it.

26. You become more aware of your own mortality.

It sounds depressing, but it is true. This means you should really be living every day to the fullest and be grateful for each day you have. Stop putting things off until tomorrow if you can do them today.

27. This is an awesome age and life will only get better from here.

For the most part, you are much more stable and wise and, for the most part, you have already made the majority of your stupid mistakes and you’re awesome to hang out with because you take stances on issues and are a citizen of the world.
You’re only going to get more interesting as time continues.

one day i'm going to make

my half filipino hopefully half white husband very happy w/ my filipino cooking haha. he doesn't even have to be half filipino he can be half or quarter or sixteenth anything else. just mixed lol is that too specific and picky? whatever.

ugh why do i keep

forgetting to look for my food and wine magazines!? i know i have it around somewhere. i just want to flip through all of them. i know i've already bookmarked a bunch of different recipes. i haven't cooked in a couple days and i'm starting to feel a void. ok that's a lie, i cooked a steak on monday, but that isn't enough! all i did was season and grill it. literally took less than 20 mins. although it did come out pretty amazing. i loveeeeeeeeee meat. i wish i could eat beef all zee time w/o having to worry about it making me fat or ruining my health lol. it's ok. there are healthier options out there that i still enjoy. ohhhh i need to rmr to pick up fish from 99 ranch market today. i rmr i bought fish a couple years ago when i first started cooking and i had no idea that you had to get fish cleaned by the butcher before taking it home. what a surprise when i cooked it. i was like WHAT THE FFFFF, what's all this shit inside my fish hahaha. safe to say, it did not turn out well. i had to throw the entire thing away. but at least i learned my lesson. always get your fish gutted and descaled haha. idiot. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

look what i made!

Arroz Caldo w/ Fried Chicken Skin

so now that i've been on this cooking craze for the last couple weeks now, i thought i'd check out what other blogs are cookin up. this one blog i found, i am food blog had this amazing recipe for Congee w/ Crispy Chicken Skin. I tweaked it up a bit and made it my own. First off, i didn't follow her congee recipe, i found a similar one on and altered it to my preference. i wanted it to taste like as if my mom had made it. the best part about arroz caldo is that it's comfort food and it's good anytime of day. whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner. i had my friends over and luckily they loved it. they practically finished the entire pot. i can't wait to go home and go through my food & wine magazines to find new recipe ideas. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

so a gf of mine...

who has an amazing blog of her own ( went to visit the White Sands National Monument a few months ago. it has inspired me to go on a similar roadtrip! i believe she made it all the way to texas w/ her boyfriend. i have zero interest in visiting texas again so i think i'll stop at new mexico then head back. so it'll be from CA -> AZ -> NM. i have no idea who i will be going w/ or when, but it's going to happen! here are some pics i "borrowed" from google.

ugh i just wanna go home

already so i can start cooking! i'm so impatient. i've already bought all the ingredients i need to make arroz caldo and chicken adobo, well except the bay leaves. it's nice having friends that i can cook for so i can play housewife haha. all i need now is a man to add to this equation. for the first time in my life i'm dating absolutely no one. it's quite liberating actually. ok that's a lie. it sucks ahaha. i miss having someone to cuddle w/ at night and just doing nothing with. dating in LA is a bitch. especially when you're as picky as i am. i have pre reqs before i'll even go out w/ a guy. i guess that's what's preventing me from finding "the one." i actually don't even believe in "the one," i believe in the maybe 3, 4 , 5, or 6 hahaha. i was having a conversation w/ a friend the other day about marriage and he's convinced that he's going to get married at least 3 times. the first one will be the big lavish wedding w/ 500+ guests, the 2nd one will be super intimate, close friends and family only. the 3rd one will be a civil union. i only want one big wedding and have that shit last a lifetime. so i better be careful who i choose to marry. and it's not like they're lining up waiting for my hand in marriage. i've got sometime to get this shit together. i think...

so i was in Santa Cruz this weekend

and let me tell you, this city is GORGEOUS. i typically hate long drives, but this is one i wouldn't mind doing every few months. the views are just absolutely breathtaking. here a few photos we took along the way.

Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo! 

McWay Falls, Big Sur

Nepenthe Restaurant, Big Sur


Our view from where we were sitting and eating.

Their house favorite Shrimp BLT, did not disappoint! 

Santa Cruz Boardwalk 

Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Thursday, August 14, 2014

so i've come to

the realization that i am terrible at blogging. i pretty much just write about whatever's on my mind, only to look back it years from now. as i peruse through old blog posts, i see that not much has really changed in my habits. i'm still terrible w/ money and a gluttonous piece of shit. i spend my money on useless things that i tire of very quickly. i've also come to accept that i will never be a size 2 and i'm ok w/ that. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

i missss edc!

I want to do it all over again!

so last night

I took a stab at making chimichurri from scratch! At first it was a little frustrating because my food processor was being a little shit and wouldn't work. Luckily the blender worked just fine. I also made garlic mashed potatoes, ribeyes and asparagus! Here's what dinner looked like...