Wednesday, August 20, 2014

look what i made!

Arroz Caldo w/ Fried Chicken Skin

so now that i've been on this cooking craze for the last couple weeks now, i thought i'd check out what other blogs are cookin up. this one blog i found, i am food blog had this amazing recipe for Congee w/ Crispy Chicken Skin. I tweaked it up a bit and made it my own. First off, i didn't follow her congee recipe, i found a similar one on and altered it to my preference. i wanted it to taste like as if my mom had made it. the best part about arroz caldo is that it's comfort food and it's good anytime of day. whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner. i had my friends over and luckily they loved it. they practically finished the entire pot. i can't wait to go home and go through my food & wine magazines to find new recipe ideas. 

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