Wednesday, May 18, 2011

it's been a long time coming

wow, i haven't blogged in forevs. i've just been so busy juggling two jobs, john, spending time with family and fonzi. i think a lot's happened since the last time i posted something. well for one, john and i are back together. things are better than ever :) we both realized that if we wanted this relationship to workout, we both a had a lot of changing to do. not gonna lie, he was way more willing than i was. i think i'm just naturally too stubborn to change. but so far things are working out great :) uhmm i'm still struggling to keep the weight i've lost off. my weight fluctuates so damn easily, it's annoying and a blessing at the same time. i just wish my metabolism would permanently stay fast. i hate working out and eating healthy. i have to avoid so many foods that i love. but at least i give myself the weekends to induldge in things like korean bbq. my favorite :) hhahahhaa. hmm here's a remimder of what i used to look like. hahha