Thursday, October 30, 2008

father-daughter time

so my dad was helping me out sign up for health insurance and such online before tomorrow's deadline. as we were doing so, we ended up going on ups's discount website. it turns out my dad is only interested on discounts on salvatore ferragamo's and bruno magli's. anything else is apparently crap. at first i didn't believe that he had shoes from there cause i saw the prices, and i know my dad. but it turns out he does. and they're niceeeee. i NEVER see my dad come home with shopping bags. NEVER. he's very sneaky about it. i really don't know how he does it. i swear, he runs them to his closest the minute he gets home. i only have one real pair of expensive shoes. and they're one of my favorites. esp cause they're so effing comfortable. but yeah. i had nothing else to write about cause my life's been pretty boring lately.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

guy problems.

hmm so last night i had long and meaningful convo with the bff, and i've come to realize that i'm at that point in life where i need to tame myself and try to settle down with just one guy. especially because i don't wanna be labled that girl you call when your looking for a fling. only recently have i stopped going out and partying like an idiot. which i think is a good thing for my studies. i'm seriously doing better this semester than i had imagined. minus accounting, that shit's always going to be hard. but the minus side to that is its really hard to meet people by just staying home. i mean i guess it's a good thing that i'm really focused in school cause ive got my life ahead of me to meet boys. but i'm also tired of being single. i've been single almost all of 2008. but it hasn't been a lonley year. haha. i mean i've had my fair share of different types of guys, but i still can't find the right one that satisfies all my needs. all the ones i feel like are fit to be my boyfriend are either married or in a serious relationship. but there is one i have in mind who has been able to put me in my place but i already know that would end disastrously. hands down. i mean he's got most of the qualities i like but also lacks the most important, faith. i don't think i'd ever be able to date anyone who isn't willing to go to church with me. i know it doesn't seem like it, but church is one of the biggest parts of my life. i mean that's partly why i stopped going out and partying so much. it's just not the type of lable i want for myself. so i'm back to square one. i guess i'm stuck being single for a while. which really isn't so bad until winter and valentines day comes rolling around. then it's gonna suck bigtime. i should just really get my mind off of boys and just be content with where i am in life. at least i'm on the right track with my goals and shit.

i love my job

seriously. i mean i wish it were a little more glamorous just so my wardrobe would fit in but whatevs. today was so hot outside, but the minute i walked into the office i was freezing. hmm

i wanted to write more, but i'm feeling lazy. i've had an interesting weekend. it was eventful.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i finally finished

my costume!

thanks to my best friend she helped me finish my costume. without her, i don't think i would have managed. since i'm watching House while i do this blog, i'll probably fuck up a lot, grammatically that is. but in the process of finishing up my costume i did this :(

it was throbbing for about an hour, if not more. i wanted to cry cause it hurt so bad. yes that's right. i'm a little bitch when it comes to pain. if you can't see what i'm taking about, its that white bubble on my thumb. i was using a glue gun to get all the leaves gathered together when it happened. fuck it hurt so bad. i don't think i've ever really burned my self, EVER. i guess there's a first for everything. well i'm hungry. so i'll be back.

p.s . if you can't guess what i'm suppose to be, your an idiot.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gun O' Clock

We've seen no shortage of unorthodox alarm clocks, but Bandai's latest creation is nothing short of spectacular. Rather than making users defuse a bomb or catch a runaway helicopter, the appropriately named Gun O'clock actually forces heavy sleepers to aim a gun and successfully strike the bullseye to shut the undoubtedly obnoxious alarm up. Best of all, those who enjoy challenges can set it to "Hard" mode, requiring them to blast the center target no fewer than five times in order to hush it; after you're satisfactorily awake, you can utilize the game mode to work on your aim. This magnificent wonder is all set to launch in Japan next month for ¥4,095 ($41), but we don't see any obvious signs of it ever coming Stateside. Anyone feeling an online petition? We hear those work really well.

[Via UberReview]

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

can you guess who this is?!

it's no other than my future baby's daddy, JOE JONAS

incase your unfamiliar with the phenomenon of the JONAS BROTHERS, joe jonas is the one on the far right. he's pretty fucking dreamy, i know. i'm positive that our children will come out beautiful. so be jealous. lol.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

i can't stop watching it!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100th blog

i fucked up last time. lol

ok so let me tell you about last night. i went to this.

it was fucking awesome. i went with lo, vi, shirley, michelle, mario, and andy. it was seriously the best $20 i ever spent on a clubbing event. the best part was how last minute it was so i wasn't anxiously waiting all day to go. lo and i decided that evening we were gonna go when we found out shwayze and uffie were part of the line up. i was sold. andy and i convinced michelle that she absolutely had to go. i'm glad she had a good time. hmm so i decided that i am going to marry danny masterson, he is fucking hot. i think it's the sideburns that does it for me. everything about last night is such a drunken blur. i rmr having a convo with apl and his gf for a good while in tagalog. i don't know why. but we just did. here are some pictures.

our first hug, documented


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my ego has been shattered

so for the past 2 weeks now i have promised andy tsang a batch of home made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, i finally found a recipe i liked online so i decided to try it. after about half an hour of preparing it, i finally put them in the oven to bake. as their baking i regularly checked on them to see if they were browning the way i was hoping they would. unfortunately they weren't, they were too light for my liking and the flavor was awful. either i had measured something wrong or i whipped it too much, i failed. it was so bland and flavorless, i think it needed more sugar or something. even my sister wouldn't eat them. so i'm stuck with 36 flavorless "chocolate chip cookies" maybe i'll just tell people their vegan cookies and that's the reason why their lacking so much flavor lol. so i guess i'll just stick to cupcakes and brownies. here's a picture of the sad bunch i made.

they look deceivingly edible. i'd bring them to work, but my reputation for being a good baker will be tarnished. no one will ever eat my baking again lol. not even brian, the nicest guy in the world ;) haha and i'm sure andy would fake liking them. but i can picture it now, they'll take a bite and the minute i turn around they all spit it out. haha maybe they'll taste better in the morning. but for some reason i highly doubt that. i'm sure i can find a better recipe online. and there's so many other things out there that i wanna try baking. i even wanna try new recipes to cook. i wish i had a bf to cook for and force to try my cooking. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

someone at work

has a crush on me.


it definitely wasn't who i expected it to be. 

oh and btw, being cute has it's perks at UPS. today michelle and i were given some bomb asssss tri tip bbq even though we did nothing to deserve it. it was from the safety committee for the twilight people for 5 months of safety. i think just the other day one of our drivers had an accident. so no bbq for universal. :'(

damn it's windy outside. i literally ran to my car after work cause i was freezing my ass off. it took a while for me to stop shaking. i didn't realize that it got that cold at night. 

i had the best lunch EVER today. i had the biggest craving for a burger after class today so i went to daglas and got a # 3 with pastrami and pickles. it was delicious. then for dessert i had chocolate cream pie from marie calenders. i seriously love their crusttt. mmm. check out the glory of it all 

and to top it off, i took the best nap ever. it's been a good day. can't complain. its only 1am, i really shouldn't be sleepy. i didn't sleep too late last night plus i took a nap today. it doesn't make any sense. but whatever. good night!

Friday, October 10, 2008

just for fun

feeling much better

than yesterday. yesterday was just a really bad day for me. but nothing tacos and a good friend couldn't cure. i think i'm going through one of those weird phases where nothing ever satisfies me and i always find something new to worry about. that's how it's been lately. it's already my fourth year at csun and i just wanna get out of there already. i was talking about it earlier with andy and i think i might just switch my major to bus. law. i know he's against it, but whatever. i really did LOVE that class. that was one of the only classes i ever really enjoyed while i've been in college. i think my college experience would have been so much better if i didn't live at home. i wish i had really applied myself. if i hadn't been to lazy to take the SAT 2's i would have actually had a chance to apply at UC's, who knows, i could have ended up at UCLA lol. i had a 3.4 or 3.6 gpa when i graduated, i took AP classes, i was on the tennis team and i was also in several clubs, and for what it's worth i won one of the stupidest superlatives. i'm not going to say which. i was a pretty well rounded kid. i wanna graduate and go to grad school at UCLA. i just need to stay focused and stay serious about school. i actually did my historical site visit a week earlier than i was suppose to, that shows how much on top of things i am. i'm turning in shit early. i never use to do that. i'm just glad i got that out of the way, cause i know i would have waited the last minute to do it if it were the old me. 

and this whole thing about me wanting a bf, i need to put that shit on hold. cause i barely even have time to bake, how am i going to juggle work, school and a boyfriend. i must be going crazy to think that that's what i wanted. what i really need are friends. i'm really bad at keeping friends. lol. the only constant friend i've really had for almost a year now is Andy, which is quite surprising cause i thought after econ, that'd be the end of our friendship. wow i just realized that we've been friends for almost a whole year now. i think that's a record for the friends i've made throughout college. but it kinda isn't fair cause we see each other in a regular basis, we have classes together and now we work together. lol. the only other friend i have is shayna, but she's been my best friend since 7th grade and i never really see her, but we talk on an almost regular basis. lol. i'm telling you. i'm horrible at keeping friends. i go through cliques. whatever. 

ok. i'm done.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

officially bummed

seeeeriously. i can't really explain why. lately people have been noticing when i have that look on my face, that "aww man, nothing's really going right" face. and since i don't wanna talk about it i'll just keep it simple and say i'm stressed about school when really it's something else. blahalsdfjkal;sdjfa.

ok. i'm done. 

out of it.

i'm just so tired of this semester already. i'm burnt out. i can't say this enough, but i've seriously never studied so hard in my life. i just finished studying for my stats test tomorrow. i better do better on this one than the last. blah. my eyes are starting to close but i just wanted to do a quick blog before i went to bed. i thought this was pretty funny. he'll prolly kill me for posting this, but nobody reads this but michelle anyway. lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


is what i've been.


hw has taken over my life. and so has baking. haha it's a real stress reliever. good thing i'm willful enough not to eat them. haha 

ha ha ha