Saturday, October 25, 2008

i finally finished

my costume!

thanks to my best friend she helped me finish my costume. without her, i don't think i would have managed. since i'm watching House while i do this blog, i'll probably fuck up a lot, grammatically that is. but in the process of finishing up my costume i did this :(

it was throbbing for about an hour, if not more. i wanted to cry cause it hurt so bad. yes that's right. i'm a little bitch when it comes to pain. if you can't see what i'm taking about, its that white bubble on my thumb. i was using a glue gun to get all the leaves gathered together when it happened. fuck it hurt so bad. i don't think i've ever really burned my self, EVER. i guess there's a first for everything. well i'm hungry. so i'll be back.

p.s . if you can't guess what i'm suppose to be, your an idiot.

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