Tuesday, October 28, 2008

guy problems.

hmm so last night i had long and meaningful convo with the bff, and i've come to realize that i'm at that point in life where i need to tame myself and try to settle down with just one guy. especially because i don't wanna be labled that girl you call when your looking for a fling. only recently have i stopped going out and partying like an idiot. which i think is a good thing for my studies. i'm seriously doing better this semester than i had imagined. minus accounting, that shit's always going to be hard. but the minus side to that is its really hard to meet people by just staying home. i mean i guess it's a good thing that i'm really focused in school cause ive got my life ahead of me to meet boys. but i'm also tired of being single. i've been single almost all of 2008. but it hasn't been a lonley year. haha. i mean i've had my fair share of different types of guys, but i still can't find the right one that satisfies all my needs. all the ones i feel like are fit to be my boyfriend are either married or in a serious relationship. but there is one i have in mind who has been able to put me in my place but i already know that would end disastrously. hands down. i mean he's got most of the qualities i like but also lacks the most important, faith. i don't think i'd ever be able to date anyone who isn't willing to go to church with me. i know it doesn't seem like it, but church is one of the biggest parts of my life. i mean that's partly why i stopped going out and partying so much. it's just not the type of lable i want for myself. so i'm back to square one. i guess i'm stuck being single for a while. which really isn't so bad until winter and valentines day comes rolling around. then it's gonna suck bigtime. i should just really get my mind off of boys and just be content with where i am in life. at least i'm on the right track with my goals and shit.

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