Thursday, October 30, 2008

father-daughter time

so my dad was helping me out sign up for health insurance and such online before tomorrow's deadline. as we were doing so, we ended up going on ups's discount website. it turns out my dad is only interested on discounts on salvatore ferragamo's and bruno magli's. anything else is apparently crap. at first i didn't believe that he had shoes from there cause i saw the prices, and i know my dad. but it turns out he does. and they're niceeeee. i NEVER see my dad come home with shopping bags. NEVER. he's very sneaky about it. i really don't know how he does it. i swear, he runs them to his closest the minute he gets home. i only have one real pair of expensive shoes. and they're one of my favorites. esp cause they're so effing comfortable. but yeah. i had nothing else to write about cause my life's been pretty boring lately.

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