Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100th blog

i fucked up last time. lol

ok so let me tell you about last night. i went to this.

it was fucking awesome. i went with lo, vi, shirley, michelle, mario, and andy. it was seriously the best $20 i ever spent on a clubbing event. the best part was how last minute it was so i wasn't anxiously waiting all day to go. lo and i decided that evening we were gonna go when we found out shwayze and uffie were part of the line up. i was sold. andy and i convinced michelle that she absolutely had to go. i'm glad she had a good time. hmm so i decided that i am going to marry danny masterson, he is fucking hot. i think it's the sideburns that does it for me. everything about last night is such a drunken blur. i rmr having a convo with apl and his gf for a good while in tagalog. i don't know why. but we just did. here are some pictures.

our first hug, documented


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