Saturday, October 11, 2008

someone at work

has a crush on me.


it definitely wasn't who i expected it to be. 

oh and btw, being cute has it's perks at UPS. today michelle and i were given some bomb asssss tri tip bbq even though we did nothing to deserve it. it was from the safety committee for the twilight people for 5 months of safety. i think just the other day one of our drivers had an accident. so no bbq for universal. :'(

damn it's windy outside. i literally ran to my car after work cause i was freezing my ass off. it took a while for me to stop shaking. i didn't realize that it got that cold at night. 

i had the best lunch EVER today. i had the biggest craving for a burger after class today so i went to daglas and got a # 3 with pastrami and pickles. it was delicious. then for dessert i had chocolate cream pie from marie calenders. i seriously love their crusttt. mmm. check out the glory of it all 

and to top it off, i took the best nap ever. it's been a good day. can't complain. its only 1am, i really shouldn't be sleepy. i didn't sleep too late last night plus i took a nap today. it doesn't make any sense. but whatever. good night!


Anonymous said...

And you wonder why you gain weight. good job sars.

sars said...

in my defense, i ate half the burger, about 4 onion rings, 2 fries and pretty much just the crust of the pie.


your right




Mehalia said...

Well said.