Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my ego has been shattered

so for the past 2 weeks now i have promised andy tsang a batch of home made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, i finally found a recipe i liked online so i decided to try it. after about half an hour of preparing it, i finally put them in the oven to bake. as their baking i regularly checked on them to see if they were browning the way i was hoping they would. unfortunately they weren't, they were too light for my liking and the flavor was awful. either i had measured something wrong or i whipped it too much, i failed. it was so bland and flavorless, i think it needed more sugar or something. even my sister wouldn't eat them. so i'm stuck with 36 flavorless "chocolate chip cookies" maybe i'll just tell people their vegan cookies and that's the reason why their lacking so much flavor lol. so i guess i'll just stick to cupcakes and brownies. here's a picture of the sad bunch i made.

they look deceivingly edible. i'd bring them to work, but my reputation for being a good baker will be tarnished. no one will ever eat my baking again lol. not even brian, the nicest guy in the world ;) haha and i'm sure andy would fake liking them. but i can picture it now, they'll take a bite and the minute i turn around they all spit it out. haha maybe they'll taste better in the morning. but for some reason i highly doubt that. i'm sure i can find a better recipe online. and there's so many other things out there that i wanna try baking. i even wanna try new recipes to cook. i wish i had a bf to cook for and force to try my cooking. 

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ryan said...

I'll save judgement until I taste the JollyBee pies.

The memory of the fried Mcdonald's pies is still fresh in my mind, so the comparison will be pretty accurate, I feel.

And I'm a bit of a purist, so the Mango whatever flavor isn't gonna fly...

I'll let you know the outcome!