Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ugh why do i keep

forgetting to look for my food and wine magazines!? i know i have it around somewhere. i just want to flip through all of them. i know i've already bookmarked a bunch of different recipes. i haven't cooked in a couple days and i'm starting to feel a void. ok that's a lie, i cooked a steak on monday, but that isn't enough! all i did was season and grill it. literally took less than 20 mins. although it did come out pretty amazing. i loveeeeeeeeee meat. i wish i could eat beef all zee time w/o having to worry about it making me fat or ruining my health lol. it's ok. there are healthier options out there that i still enjoy. ohhhh i need to rmr to pick up fish from 99 ranch market today. i rmr i bought fish a couple years ago when i first started cooking and i had no idea that you had to get fish cleaned by the butcher before taking it home. what a surprise when i cooked it. i was like WHAT THE FFFFF, what's all this shit inside my fish hahaha. safe to say, it did not turn out well. i had to throw the entire thing away. but at least i learned my lesson. always get your fish gutted and descaled haha. idiot. 

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