Friday, March 19, 2010

i really should update this thing a little more often. but i've been so boring lately that i don't have anything to write about. uhhhhh...uhhhh. let's see. anna and i actually when out for st. patricks day. we went to some bar in studio city called laurel tavern. it was nice. i went with steven and his friend pablo. uhm that's about it. so john and i are suppose to go to dtown tomorrow and take the orange line and the subway together, but i'm starting to have second thoughts about that. i don't know if i should spend the day with him tomorrow. he's been getting on my nerves lately. it's partly my fault but mostly his. haha i don't want to talk about him anymore. he was sweet to me on weds when he brought me snacks from the japanese market on sawtelle, he brought me veggie chips, choclate covered almonds, these bomb ass cookies, and my favorite of all EGG SANDWICHES. they're so bomb. the bread they use to make it is amazzingggggggg. i'm craving one right now. :( kawawa face. i'm not really a fan of egg sandwhiches, but this one is sooo yummay. uhm let's see what else...oh i've also come to the conclusion that i will NEVER visit john for lunch cause we always end up fighting. i don't think i've ever gone to have lunch with him and leave not angry/annoyed with him. and i'm trying so hard to become more patient with him, but he makes it so damn difficult. he needs to learn how to listen. like REALLY listen. i feel like everything i say to him goes in one ear and out the other :( i don't want to talk about him anymore. it's making me sad. the end

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