Sunday, March 21, 2010

baby is a keeper forsure :)

john and i were all over dtown today. we went on a mini adventure. when we were in little tokyo we went to this boutique and i tried on this dress, while i was still trying it on, he told the lady who owned the store that he was going to buy it for me. when i got out she told me that i was so lucky to have such a generous and handsome bf. then as we were getting off the redline, john had to use the restroom. as i was out there waiting for him this man tapped me and told me that he followed me just to tell me how beautiful i was. i was a little creeped out at first cause he FOLLOWED me for a good 5 mins. haha then as john came out of the bathroom the man told john he was so lucky to have such a gorgeous gf. haha. i just wanted to share that with everyone haha. i'm so blessed to have an amazing bf. regardless of how superficial this story is. haha

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