Sunday, March 7, 2010

ok so like

whenever john and i find a new place that we like, we tend to go there A LOT. right now it's benihana. we've been there 3 times w/ in the past four weeks. it would have been 4 consecutive times if we hadn't broken up last week and if we didn't try yomato or yamoto, whatever the next day. 2 out of the three times i got the deluxe treat which is lobster tail and filet mignon. john got something diff all three times. first land and sea which was filet mignon and scallops, then filet mignon and shrimp, and yesterday lobster tail and hibachi steak. it was so bomb. i'm getting it next week. so you better save up baby. hahaha. but our favorite part about dinner is the ice cream. their is just something about their vanilla ice cream that makes it taste so bomb. another favorite part of the dinner is the soup. i LOVE that soup. not as much as i love the corn pottage from curry house. but it's getting close to a tie. yeah so this blog was basically about how much john and i love benihana. haha

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