Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i was so productive today

it feels really good. now all i've got left is work and gym after wards. i'm going to try so hard to stay dedicated to it, esp since i got john to join with me. i'm also looking into bikram yoga. it looks intense. but that's what i need. i need to get serious about losing weight if i ever want anything to happen. i know it won't happen on it's own. i found this one class in encino that's beginner friendly. it's awesome cause the first class is free to first time students. if i like it i'll buy a few sessions. but i wanna shop around and see which one i like best. they're also offering yoga and pilates classes at 24 hr fitness. i just need to stop being lazy and be willing to get up in the mornings so i can get everthing done. they say the best time to work out is in the morning anyway. it's perfect cause on tues thurs and fris i don't have class. so i don't have an excuse not to go. so today i saw the psych adviser at school today and he helped me figure out the steps to graduation. so it turns out i'll be done by fall '10. which isn't bad at all. but i'll have to wait til spring to walk. i could care less about walking. i just want my degree so i can find a full time job. i'm hoping it's with UPS, but we'll see. i'm just glad i'm on the right track. i just need to stay focused so i can do it all in time.
sarah and anna
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