Monday, September 1, 2008


i've got so much homework due this week. ugh. i haven't even bought my book for my geography lab yet. i would have if they had been in stock when i went to the bookstore to try and purchase it, but unfortunately, it wasn't. i'm so sick of school already and it's only the first week. sometimes i wish i was just working full time. but we all know how hard it is to get a better job out there without at college degree. fuck. i mean i like where i'm at right now. i wonder how long i'll be working at UPS. i can't imagine too long. espcially since after i graduate i plan on pursuing something in the busniess field. unless UPS has something more to offer other than a supervisor position. i woudln't mind getting into safety. hahahahahha. only a few will get what i mean by that. but whatever. UPS actually pays pretty well for the work i do. i was thinking about, and if i worked full time there, i'd be making pretty decent money. especialy being single and all and not having a college degree yet. i just wanna be made already, have the bf, my own place, a better car and a bigger closet, and most definitely, a BIGGER bank account. i have such high aspirations for myself, i just need to apply myself harder. instead of writing this blog, i really should be doing homework and studying, but as i type this, it's really motivating me to work harder. i need a desk for my room. i think that'll definitely solve the problem. if i had a desk in my room, it'd make it easier for me to study. studying on my bed is really hard cause it gets too comfortable and i get tempted to turn on the tv and just watch what's on, even if i don't like the show that's on. i wish my room was big enough to fit a desk. hmm i realy need to rearrange it just to see if i could possibly fit one in. i think i might also have to sacrifice my queen size bed for a smaller one cause it's seriously taking up too much room. but i love my bed :( o well.

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