Thursday, September 4, 2008

no bueno

ugh. i don't even wanna get into on this, but i had a bad night. i mean it started off pretty good cause i finally finished my accounting homework and got all the problems correct, i'm not gonna lie. i was pretty proud of myself. i deserve a pat on the back. then after accounting class i met up with kamille for lunch. it was the first time i saw her int he LONGEST time ever. it was nice seeing marc too when he came by. so that was that, then i went home and got ready for work. left, got my smoothie, got to work. and work was pretty great. michelle and i didn't have any work to do for like a good hour and half. so we were just messing around and talking when finally we got a message to do. and i swear, it was the funniest thing EVER. this woman claimed that one of our drivers stole her small dog. we coudn't stop laughing. so we sent our driver back over there to settle things. then five minutes later we get a msg from the same lady saying she apologized cause she found her stupid dog. what an idiot, i swear. then from there my day just got worse. minus the part where tsang brought me back some hichew's mmmm :) that was pretty much the high light of my day. ok. i'll just end it here.

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