Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i know i didn't like it before

but i kinda like it now.

hmmm but i don't think i'd cut it like that again. i know my grammar's gonna be all fucked up cause i'm listening to rap music right now. haha sorry. but whatever. maybe it's just the way i'm posed. i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty fucking photogenic. cause i know i don't look that good in real life. which is kinda dissapointing. one of the driver's was looking through my phone the other day and saw my pictures, and he was like damn you look good. and i knew he was thinking, it's too bad you don't look like this in real life. haha here's a few more with the bangs.

i'm telling you man, i'm deceivingly photogenic. it's in my blood. i'm almost 100% sure it has to do with my mom being a photographer. her family had their own photo studio in the philippines. so you can imagine, whenever i go over, i felt like a model. all i did all day everyday i was there was get my picture taken. it was AWESOME. i wasn't like those kids who hated getting their picture taken. i LOVED it. haha getting all glammed up, it was my favorite pass time. espcially since it was too hot to play outside with all the other kids. i wanted to stay in a room that had the AC on full blast. haha i'm not trying to say i'm hot shit or anything. but it's pretty obvious that i look better in pictures than in real life.

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