Friday, September 19, 2008

so i've decided

to TRY and cut out meat from my diet. i think i'd be slimmer if i did. hmm yea that's all. i'm gonna stick to fruits and veggies. i'm going to have to learn to like bananas. blah. but whatever. if it's good for me then it's good for me. and i need to learn to eat better veggies. like real vegetables. not just lettuce and shit cause we all know there's really no nutrients in that. it's a man made vegetable. hmm and i also need to cut out sugar and salt. this is going to be hard. at least i've been buying less food. but i haven't really been eating less or better. haha andy's pretty good at satisfying my hunger. just today he brought me my favorite hichews and my absolute favorite ice cream bar. mmmm. ice creamm. ok my show's back on. 


Anonymous said...

lettuce is man made?

sars said...

yup. it's not a natural vegetable. haha