Thursday, September 25, 2008

sick, exhausted, worn out.

i'm taking a break from my acct hw. it's taking me 2 hours to do 5 problems. and i'm actually doing them. i swear, i've never worked so hard in my life. i had to take a day off from work today cause i worked out last night at around 3am and i ended up falling asleep all sweaty with my ceiling fan on. so when i woke up i had the worst sore throat ever. and that wasn't even the worst part, my whole body was so sore and i had a terrible headache. and just the other day i was telling michelle i don't get sore after working out. i pretty much jinxed myself. i tried going to class today but once i got there i realized there was no way i'd be able to pay attn. so i just left. i actually didn't want to leave but i had to. this is the first acct class i've missed. which really bummed me out. oh and my boots finally came in. they're a lot higher than i though. either that or my legs got shorter. haha whatever. 

ok i need to get back to acct. 

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