Sunday, September 14, 2008

hmm. ok.

so like, i was going through my blog right. i just started to think to myself, if the person who were reading this had no idea who i was or anything about me other than the things he/she read about me in my blog, they'd probably think i was a selfish, spoiled, self consumed, materialistic, partially arrogant party girl. most of you probably don't know this about me, but i spend most of my days in school, work, home and church. ever since the semester started i've been consumed with homework and studying. i feel like that's all i do now these days. the only free time i have to myself are my friday nights. and thats really the only time i have to unwind. i even use my saturdays to study now. i've pretty much spent this whole weekend at home, minus friday. that was an exception, it was ray's bday. but beginning saturday morning i got up and cleaned my room. it was a 2 day processes. like i said in my previous blog, i finally got my hangers! you have no idea how excited i was to get them. i know i'm lame for getting excited over hangers, but hey, that's me. and today after church i went back to bed bath and beyond and bought another 100 cause the original 100 i bought wasn't enough. and it turns out 200 is BARELY enough. i had to throw a few things out just so i'd have enough hangers. and i wasn't about to go back and buy another 50 pk. all i need now are storage cases for my bags and shoes. right my i stuff my bags into my closet, but since i don't have a curtain or a sliding door for my closet, it's just out there in the open and it looks really messy and it's irritating the crap out of me. i also need a place to put my dvds. ugh damnit. i'm irritated again. theres so much crap i need to buy to put all my junk in. the only problem is, i have no space to put it. i seriously have the smallest room ever. and it's so annoying. i want my own place already.

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