Monday, September 1, 2008


please don't date me.

i'm terrible at it. i'm good at making friends, but i'm not good at dating. i get so awkward around guys i like. i used to think it came natural to me, but lately i've been put in situations where i'm like "uhh ok, now what?" haha and i get so self conscience about the things i say. i'm confidant around friends, but around boys i like, i get all shy and stupid. i start stuttering and blushing like an idiot. that's why it's pretty easy to tell if i like a guy, if i don't do those things around you, then i probably don't like you or i'm just that comfortable around you. lately i've been wanting a bf just to see if i'd even make a good gf. i mean, know i can be, but when i look back at my past relationship, i'm almost sure he'd have more bad things than good to say about me. i know my strenghth and weaknesses in a relationship.

ok gossip girl is about to start, i'll get back to this later.


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