Sunday, September 7, 2008

it's hot

and i feel like a bum, i've been in my room all day. but at least i've been productive. i've done some homework, i cleaned, and now i'm trying to organize my bags. i have them separated under big, medium, small and printed. haha i have too much shit and i have nowhere to put it all. i really want to move out and have my own place just so i can organize everything the way i want. and also so i'll have all the space that i want. i really need to try and control myself from spending money. i need to become frugal. i need to stop spending money on food, clothes and random shit that i don't need. that way i can save up to move out. i mean i just wanna try it out. just to see what it's like. also so i can have the freedom i've been longing for.


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