Saturday, November 28, 2009

what an amazing day

so today started off kinda crappy but it turned out really well. i woke up kinda annoyed, but when john called me things seemed to get better. i was really in the mood for boiling crab when i woke up so i texted john and he said he was cool with it. esp since he was selling tickets to someone in alhambra so it really worked out, well minus the fact the boiling crab there was CLOSED! so we sat in the car and debated if we really wanted to drive allll the way to garden grove just for some bomb asssss shrimp and corn. he knew if i didn't get it, i'd be cranky all day. so we decided to go. needless to say, john is freakin' amazing. on our way there we decide to get myself a quick snack just to hold me over for the long drive ahead. i end up getting mcdonalds fries, but on our way there i spotted a mexican corn cart, so of course i had to stop for some of that. then we went on our way to mc d's then boiling crab. when we get there it's pretty packed, but we figured since we're only a party of 2, the wait shouldn't be that long. the girl tells me the wait's about an hour and 15. we didn't have a choice but to wait since we did drive all the way over there already. we walk around the plaza for a bit, go into rite aid. i bought some cards and a bubble bliss for my feet. we walk back to boiling crab and we play pusoy dos to kill time. the actual wait was only abt 45 mins which really wasn't so bad, considering how packed it was. when we're about to order, john tells me he's not going to eat. i was like oh my lawd are you foreal?! i felt so badddd. he hadn't ate a single thing all day except for a danky ass granola bar. he truly is amazing. he sacrificed eating all day just so i could have boiling crab. it makes my heart melt. after boiling crab we go home and i call up danae. she's chillin' with her cousins so we decide to head over to her place and hang out there for a bit. when we get there we basically decide to go eat since they're all hungry, and john was especially hungry since my poor baby hasn't eaten yet. so we decide to go to bossa nova cause it's open late, the food is bomb, and we weren't in the mood to try a new place. so we get there, order, get our food. it was bomb as usual. but for fun, kc decides to start singing happy birthday to me out of nowhere. so the waiters start to think it's really my bday. so they head back to their kitchen, fix me up a flan cake, w/ a pink candle btw and come out and sing happy bday to me. it was really sweet of them. even though it wasn't really my bday. lo captured it all on his iphone and posted it on facebook. i'd post it but i have the dumbest look on my face. if you wanna see it, find it on fb. lol

the end.

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