Thursday, November 19, 2009

i'm a litte vain.

so what. i think everyone is, i'm just more open about it. i'm just really comfortable posing in front of a camera and smiling. or doing whatever expression i feel like. it's how i was raised. i know i keep using the fact that my mom was a photographer as an excuse. but so what. i like looking at cute photos of myself because i honestly feel like i look better in pictures anyway. it's most definitely not the same thing i see in the mirror every morning. i know it may be hard to believe, but sometimes i hate the way i look. i'll just stare at the mirror and think of several things i can change on my face so i can feel more comfortable about myself. i don't even know why i'm writing about this. i just feel like whenever i post a new picture or something, i'm being judged for it. fuck it. i don't care.

HAHAHA I CHANGED MY MIND. I'M REALLY VAIN. and i've got nice hair. i feel much better.

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