Thursday, November 19, 2009

i got so much shit done

this past week cause i'm on vaca from work and since my only class is online, i don't have to worry about attending a "real class". so i'm kinda excited for the new semester cause i'll finally be going back to csun and meeting new people. i seriously just wanna get out of school already. i hate it. i wish some one would just knock on my door and hand me a tree that grew money. my only worry would be to keep this magical money tree from withering. ugh. working and going to school blows. how can you enjoy life when you're tied down to a desk and office. it's bullshit. i need to make something out of myself if i want to enjoy everything life has to offer. i want to travel so bad. but blogging about it won't do anything for me. i really need to start working harder.

oh btw. here are my new glasses. they kinda make me look smart.

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