Thursday, November 26, 2009

it's officially thanksgiving

so let me share with you some of the things i'm thankful for;

my family
cause no matter what they're always there for me. i don't know what kind of person i would have turned out to be without them. my parents have always been an amazing example since day one. you know that saying that parents always use as an excuse "don't do as i do but do as i say" they've never been those type of parents, which i am so grateful for. i'm also grateful for anna cause she's always there to cover my ass and do all the chores i don't wanna do. she doesn't get enough credit for being an amazing sister :).

my boyfriend
best thing that's happened to me yet. i love him so much. he's so selfless and patient with me. i know sometimes i push him over the edge, but he always knows how to come back from it and make the situation better. he really is helping me to become better person, and it's really starting to show. he's always there for me when i need him and he's always so caring. i just couldn't picture my life with out him.

my friends
i seriously have THE best friends in the world. they're an amazing support system. shayna is always there for me when i need her and i can always count on her for good advice. and i have josh to always feed me when i'm hungry and over at his place. i can't count on him for snacks and such.

my job
i have the best job in the world. i have absolutely no complaints about this job. it's my favorite one so far, and i've had a few. my boss is awesome, my coworkers are awesome, and i love my drivers. they're hilarious. and plus they think i'm cute so that doesn't hurt either. haha.

----i have many other things i'm thankful for, but these are the some of the ones that stood out.

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