Sunday, January 10, 2010

well i'm really bored

so i'm going rant about something random.. uhmmmm. i can't think of anythingggg... shopping? i miss shopping so much. i haven't bought anything i really loved in a long time :( the last thing i purchased for myself were these bright yellow neon shorts from levi's yesterday. they were only 9 bucks so i figured what the hell. which reminds me, i left them in john's car. ehh whatever. i don't want school to start yettt. i'm totally dreading it. i wish i could just pay something to get my degree for me. i don't see how it'd be of any use to me anyway since i plan on being a housewife. haha just kidding. i really don't see myself being a domesticated. i want a big office with a couch in it, and also an awesome view in a highrise building. that's the dream. bossing people around. cause honestly, that's what i do best.

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