Monday, January 25, 2010

ugh school

so school started last week. i'm officially enrolled in two lectures and two labs. i would like to sum that up to 4 classes. i know most will only consider it 2 and not count the labs, but because of the fact that 2 sounds so...ahh there's a word i'm looking for! but i can't get figure it what it is. it's on the tip of my tongue! agh forget it. yeah so i've got 4 classes. my two professors seem pretty cool for now. my psych 313 prof seems super sweet. and my psych 320 prof seems pretty laid back and excited about statistical psychology. he seems very organized which is a a MAJOR relief. i really wish i had stuck to psych from the very beginning so i could be done with school already. blahhh. this semester is going to be tough, esp with my new schedule at work. i absolutely hate it. i know it's for my own good, but it still blows. i really don't have any time for myself anymore. the minute i'm done with class i go straight to work on MW. i know it's only 2 days a week, but it's still a dragggg. wahh wahh wahh. i really need to focus on these two classes or my parents will think i'm retarded for not getting at least a B.

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