Monday, January 4, 2010

ok so like

i was trying to make a budget of all my bills and how much i get paid. and in approx 3 and half months i should be able to move out. that's if everything goes according to plan. i know i shouldn't move out. and just milk living at home for as long as i can. but i really just want to be independent and try it out. but the only thing holding me back is school. i keep thinking that maybe i should finish school first then move out. yeah i think i'll stick to that plan. that way after i graduate. i'll have much more money saved up. ugh i hate money. i just wanna win the lotto or something. i'm tired of working. i just wanna enjoy life and everything it has to offer. "/


asianstp said...

girl moving out is hard wen u dnt got that much money, i cant wait to get my insurance money so i can have my own place and dont have to answer to anyone...what a dream huh.

Anonymous said...

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