Monday, January 4, 2010

so i recently

started to learn how to save my money. it's a growing process. it's not like all my urges to go shopping have gone out the window. no nothing like that. but i'm slowly learning to realize how to differentiate between the things i want, the things i need, and the things i want that i think i need. my ate julie has really been a big help in this. she's really teaching me the value of saving money and helping me step by step to achieve my monetary goals. step one was opening a savings acct with ING DIRECT. i think it's called an orange savings acct. i immediately deposited $50. i know it isn't much, but i plan on putting at least $50 from every paycheck in there. it'll be like my emergency money. but for REAL emergency's. nothing ever retail related. and after i pay off all my bills, i'll increase that $50 t0 $100. and the only way to pay off my bills is if i stop shopping. i really just need to tell my self i don't need anymore things. i've got it all. i've got clothes for all 4 seasons. all the gadgets and electronics i could possibly need and a ridiculous amount of shoes. although i really should invest in a good pair if flat shoes. i have so many pairs of heels but not so many flats.

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