Tuesday, October 27, 2009

weekend recap:

i had no plans of seeing john that day cause we were suppose to do our own separate thing. but we ended up spending the whole day together :)

first off we had lunch at curry house. the corn soup was SO BOMB. yumm. just thinking about it is making my mouth waterrrr. i love curry. i had the curry chicken plate with a salad and fried shrimp :) i was so hungry that i practically ate the whole thing. john also made me try the curry pan. it's basically fried bread with curry in the middle. it was ok...i'm not really a big fan of bread.

curry pan

afterwards we went to the japanese market downstairs. i'm such a little fatty, john bought me practically everything that had chocolate in the store. he looks so cute carrying all my chocolates.
man i love my boyfriend. :)

after all that we went to topanga mall to walk off everything we ate. and no i didn't eat all my chocolates. i actually haven't ate any of it yet. we didn't find anything at the mall, which for me was amazing. then the guys called john to buy meat for the UFC fight that night. so we left and went to vallarta and got some carne asada. then we went to my house to rest for a bit and headed over to the marcelo's. we watched the fight. i felt really bad for shogun. he really did deserve to win. as soon as the fight was over we went to the movies with mel and tim. we ended up watching a different movie then them. they watched law abiding citizens and we saw whip it. john liked it, i thought it was ok. after the movie, we headed back to the marcelo's, watched a bit of myth buster then headed home :)

and that was my saturday <3

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