Monday, October 5, 2009

ok so like

that last post was pretty gay. hahaha. so i'll just update this thing how i would normally. today my parents randomly wanted to eat out so we did. i chose woodranch cause i was really craving their rolls. i hate bread, but i love their rolls. i got tri tip and baby back ribs with mashed potatoes and roasted corn. it was SO BOMB. i'm so full. john and i just finished my left overs. i've been eating all day.

well this weekend was really eventful. on friday i had a nice dinner with john anna johnny mel tim and josh after bible study. we had so many good laughs. we went to bj's. the highlight was seriously the pazookie.

then on saturday, we were suppose to have a girls night out but we ended up inviting our boyfriends and friends. we did karaoke in the valley. johnny fell in love. haha.

then today i had lunch with john at salsa beer. afterwards we ran some errands. went to bed bath and beyond, sports authority, borders, and staples. then i had dinner with my family and then john came back and we did his project.

that's about it.


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