Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so john and i...

wanted to try something new for lunch today. he has a tendency to drive towards the santa monica area, so that's where we went. well brentwood to be more specific. i used my iPhone to Yelp a restaurant nearby for us to try. the one that caught my eye was this place called Reddi Chick, i've been craving bbq ever since last night cause of the bbq booth at the pumpkin patch.

(john waiting for our food)
so we decided to try it. john didn't like it. but i enjoyed it. i got bbq ribs, fries, corn on the cob, and a diet coke. he got ribs, roasted chicken, fries, corn on the cob, and a bottle of water. the chicken wasn't appetizing at all. what i liked about it was that i could apply the bbq sauce on my own. it made it so much easier to eat. john didn't think so. i think he was having trouble eating it.

afterwards we went to this little candy shop and bought some overpriced chocolate. i was convinced that the cupcake shaped chocolate was in fact a cupcake, i was wrong :(

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