Monday, October 12, 2009

to be young

well i felt totally pampered today cause my awesome parents granted me their credit card to buy "work appropriate clothes." i told them how nothing i have seems to be work app. so i went out and bought stuff. most of it, i can wear outside the office, like when i go out and stuff. but it's great that i can wear it at work too. this way brian can stop his bitching. even though i really don't mind it. haha. i got this super cute flannel that i'm gonna pair up with this super mini skirt with stockings and my super over the knee boots. i LOVE them. they also look really cute with the shoes i got from ALDO. i really need to stop buying shoes. it's seriously an addiction. i'll post a photo of the shoes i got from aldo. they're different and that's why i love them. i'm not a big fan of suede, but i had to HAVE them, just like how i had to have my over the knee boots. i'm not sure if this blog will be grammatically correct cause i'm listening to britney as i do this.

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Anonymous said...

this is cute but i dont think i can wear this high.