Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rain rain go away...

just kidding!

i LOVE the rain. well, i don't love it, but i enjoy it much more now that i have a boyfriend. if i had been single, i would be totally hating on this weather. i've never been a rain type of girl. i've always preferred the sunshine. but whatevs. i have these hot pink rainboots that i really want to wear. i know i can't wear it to work. so i'll probably find somewhere to go just to wear them for fun. i'm kinda scared to wear my new boots out cause i don't want the rain to ruin them. so i'll just wait til this weather clears up. hmm on a lighter note, i bought new red lipstick. i actually found a shade that looks decent on me. i really only bought it to wear in pictures. it's sole purpose is to make my lips stand out more. haha i know it's vain but i don't care.

my sister & i

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