Friday, October 23, 2009

so my amazing boyfriend...

surprised me with this dress that i've been coveting for some time now. we were at fred segal and i wanted to buy it for myself, but being the responsible individual i am, i resisted. esp since i still have to buy tires for my car. haha. so he went back today and bought it for me.

i seriously don't have the words to describe how amazingly awesome he is. i feel so gay talking about it because everyone who knows me, knows i'm NEVER like this. EVER. i have never been so happy in my life. i know this sounds so cheesy and corny but i wake up with a smile every morning cause he's usually my wake up call. i couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend. he's extremely caring, selfless, thoughtful and chivalrous. gahh. ok i'll stop. i know you're probably gagging your self if you're reading this.

my body actually fills it out better cause i'm pretty curvy and voluptuous.

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