Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 random facts

1. i type pretty fast
2. i work at ups
3. i love to eat.
4. i want to be skinny
5. i go on fb everyday
6. i'm addicted to farmville and it's all andy tsang's fault
7. i'm allergic to eggplant
8. i'm really photogenic
9. i look better in pictures than in real life
10. i have a lot of fb friends but not a lot of close friends
11. i dated my current boyfriend's ex girlfriend's cousin.
12. i can't grow my nails long cause they break easily
13. i love shopping as much as i love eating
14. i have over 100 pairs of shoes
15. i have over 100 dresses
16. i have a lot of clothe in general
17. i enjoy blogging at
18. i think twitter is pointless
19. i love nutella
20. i hate the rain
21. i want a bmw
22. i love my boyfriend
23. i have small feet
24. i have big boobs
25. sometimes i like to make stories up. lol

so i keep going

back and forth on whether or not i want my own apt. at this point i think i can totally afford one, but do i really want to invest that money on something i don't really get to keep. yeah sure it's the price i pay for ultimate freedom but shouldn't i invest my money more wisely? ehh if the right apt comes along at the right price, i'll know what to do then. at this point if i really want to move out, i'm going to need a room mate. and there isn't really anyone out there that i'd be willing to live with that's financially stable enough to move out of home. everyone keeps saying to live with john, but that's a big no no. i think it'd be fun living together at first, but i just don't think i'd be able to do it. first of all our parents would not allow it and second, if we did get married, i wouldn't have anything to look forward to.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

this post is dedicated to mexican corn



ok so like

i'm starting to get really good at saving money. i just got my tax refund and boy was it a fatass check :) thank goodness my dad does my taxes cause that way i know he has the best intentions for me. originally he gave me the amount but when i saw the money deposited in my acct. it was 1000 more than i expected it to be. it was quite a pleasant surprise. i put most of my money towards my bills and such. i also treated myself to some new clothes. i haven't shopped in what feels like months, but in reality is only weeks. i blew my money at f21 cause i like to shop in bulk there. i had two arm fulls of clothes. it felt nice. i tried shopping for john but i couldn't figure out where the levi's store was. plus i was already running kinda late for work so i had to jet out of there. but instead i bought him a new game for the ps3 i got him. i'm so lame. for his bday i bought him a ps3 but didn't think to buy him a game or a blue ray dvd. in my defense i had no clue what kind of game to buy him. but last night i scrambled around target looking for a game that he might enjoy. i also called one of my buddies to ask him for his advice. i ended up getting him a game called "infamous" i've never heard of it, but whatevs. i hope he enjoys playing it if he doesn't decide to exchange it for a different one. hmm so yeah. that's pretty much it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's been a while

my life has been consumed by school, work, john, and mostly farmville. damn that game is addicting. and this is all andy's fault. the only reason i signed up for it was because he was like "oh i need neighbors and i need you to send me gifts" so being the kind friend that i am, i signed up. and now look, i'm hooked. i've only been playing for a week and i'm already on level 28. i haven't even changed my default picture in so long. it's long overdue, but i haven't cared about the way i look in quite some time now so i don't really have any reason to take pictures of myself. lol hmm well that's about it. i'm too lazy to go on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'm trying really hard

to learn how to be financially stable. i'm trying to get all my ducks in a row. i'm tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. it's a pain in the ass. as of right now, i'm trying to figure out how stocks work. for some it may be a piece of cake, but for me it's like learning a completely new language. i wanna figure all this stuff out while i'm still fairly young. i don't want to have to worry about learning this kind of stuff when i get older. i need to learn how to be responsible with my money and what to invest it in to make the most of it. my parents have been really good examples on being smart with your money. my dad has only bought things he can pay for in full. this is why he lives so stress free, he doesn't have to worry about debt and making payments. i want to be like that. the good thing about my parents is that they know how to save money. they don't spend it on useless shit. and when they do spend, they do it wisely. i just wanna win the lotto damnit.

Friday, February 5, 2010

my goal is

to keep my hair super healthy and not cut it for a really really long time. i miss having super long hair. having normal length long hair is boring.

michelle didn't appreciate

my chunt hair at work yesterday. haha

i'm so bored

i should really start on my yelp reviews. but i'm really too lazy to do it. i thought that i'd do it a few nights ago, but i totally forgot. or i got distracted. i don't really rmr. i have music playing right now. so this blog post might have a few grammatical errors. so my bad in advance, unless i've already messed up. i'm kinda bummed i didn't get my mexican corn today :( o well. it's good that my body takes a break from it anyway. i'm sure all that mayo can't be good for me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i feel so gross

bleh. i just went to jack in the box and i feel disgusting. i shouldn't have gone. i need self control. and to make it worse i got the jumbo deal. i'm too lazy to finish this blog post.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i think it'd

be a good idea if i started packing my own lunch/snack for work and school. that way i don't get tempted to buy food or order something totally unhealthy. but i don't know what to bring. i know i like sandwiches and jello. so that's a start. ohh and i can buy bottled water and caprisun from costco. i need to make my parents take me to costco this weekend so i can start packing my lunch. i want to buy the brown bags and everything lol.

in all its glory

because i didn't think one picture was enough haha

school lunch :)

i miss summer

it needs to be summer already! i miss short shorts, skirts, tank tops, and swimming. i miss my bronzed skin. i should really get started on working out so i can have a "beach bod" i really don't wanna work at it, so my plan is to just eat less. just now i halfed my lunch with anna, yeah it was mashed potatoes and a shepherds pie, but whatevs, no biggie. i'll just burn all those calories as i walk up and down the stairs to class. 3 flights. that's a lot. so you know. i got this. haha NOT. i'm never going to get the body i want. i love food too much. and i'm just going to have to accept it. gah. lame. at least i can still be dark. haha. that's really the only thing i don't have to any effort into. it just naturally happens. even during the winter i'm tan, but during summer i'm DARKKK. :) at first i used to hate it. but when people started complimenting me on it. it wasn't so bad anymore. i've learned to embrace it. my mom on the other hand hates it. she wants me to be pale like her. haha but o well.

i want mexican corn so baddllyy

what a good dayy so farr

so i took my own advice and put a little more effort in my outward appearance, and it's really helping me with my mood today. so far, my class has been canceled, the lab was also canceled, and the test was postponed to weds instead of monday :) that reminds me, i still need to buy the book for this class. oh and i also finished my hw assignment that's due in a few hours :) i wish i had more to write about. ehh o well. now i'm just waiting for anna to meet me at the market place at school so she can watchmy stuff and i can buy some lunch. i'm starving. i didn't really have dinner last night. i had tsang bring me hot cheetos. but that's about it. i wanted a happy meal but nooooooooo. haha hopefully i get my happy meal today. oh yeah and i said i was gonna stop eating fatty foods. i lied. ate kara introduced me to this list of restaurants that you HAVE to go to if you live in la. so far i've been to 3. and she's been to like 16 out of the 38. john and i will slowly but surely complete that list. which reminds me, i really need to write more reviews on yelp. i'll do it tonight since i don't have class for the next two days :)

valentines day is around the corner

and i have no idea what john has in store for us. i'm really hoping it is just dinner. i don't want him to spend too much time/money/effort into planning something for me. i'm not big on celebrating vday. just being with him is enough. :)

i really should...

be sleeping. or reviewing my notes for tomorrow's lecture, really, anything other than wasting my time on fb and blogging. ughh. i'm so over school. i hate my self for changing my major so many effing times damnit! but i can't linger on that. all i can do now is move forward and finish the damn thing. i'm really counting on john to marry me and become ridiculously successful so i won't have to worry about money. haha that's pretty much my game plan. just kidding. i honestly want to make my own money. if i try hard enough, i'm sure i can be successful in anything i put my mind too. wishful thinking. ok enough about schoool and the future.