Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 random facts

1. i type pretty fast
2. i work at ups
3. i love to eat.
4. i want to be skinny
5. i go on fb everyday
6. i'm addicted to farmville and it's all andy tsang's fault
7. i'm allergic to eggplant
8. i'm really photogenic
9. i look better in pictures than in real life
10. i have a lot of fb friends but not a lot of close friends
11. i dated my current boyfriend's ex girlfriend's cousin.
12. i can't grow my nails long cause they break easily
13. i love shopping as much as i love eating
14. i have over 100 pairs of shoes
15. i have over 100 dresses
16. i have a lot of clothe in general
17. i enjoy blogging at
18. i think twitter is pointless
19. i love nutella
20. i hate the rain
21. i want a bmw
22. i love my boyfriend
23. i have small feet
24. i have big boobs
25. sometimes i like to make stories up. lol

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