Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ok so like

i'm starting to get really good at saving money. i just got my tax refund and boy was it a fatass check :) thank goodness my dad does my taxes cause that way i know he has the best intentions for me. originally he gave me the amount but when i saw the money deposited in my acct. it was 1000 more than i expected it to be. it was quite a pleasant surprise. i put most of my money towards my bills and such. i also treated myself to some new clothes. i haven't shopped in what feels like months, but in reality is only weeks. i blew my money at f21 cause i like to shop in bulk there. i had two arm fulls of clothes. it felt nice. i tried shopping for john but i couldn't figure out where the levi's store was. plus i was already running kinda late for work so i had to jet out of there. but instead i bought him a new game for the ps3 i got him. i'm so lame. for his bday i bought him a ps3 but didn't think to buy him a game or a blue ray dvd. in my defense i had no clue what kind of game to buy him. but last night i scrambled around target looking for a game that he might enjoy. i also called one of my buddies to ask him for his advice. i ended up getting him a game called "infamous" i've never heard of it, but whatevs. i hope he enjoys playing it if he doesn't decide to exchange it for a different one. hmm so yeah. that's pretty much it.

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