Wednesday, February 3, 2010

what a good dayy so farr

so i took my own advice and put a little more effort in my outward appearance, and it's really helping me with my mood today. so far, my class has been canceled, the lab was also canceled, and the test was postponed to weds instead of monday :) that reminds me, i still need to buy the book for this class. oh and i also finished my hw assignment that's due in a few hours :) i wish i had more to write about. ehh o well. now i'm just waiting for anna to meet me at the market place at school so she can watchmy stuff and i can buy some lunch. i'm starving. i didn't really have dinner last night. i had tsang bring me hot cheetos. but that's about it. i wanted a happy meal but nooooooooo. haha hopefully i get my happy meal today. oh yeah and i said i was gonna stop eating fatty foods. i lied. ate kara introduced me to this list of restaurants that you HAVE to go to if you live in la. so far i've been to 3. and she's been to like 16 out of the 38. john and i will slowly but surely complete that list. which reminds me, i really need to write more reviews on yelp. i'll do it tonight since i don't have class for the next two days :)

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