Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i miss summer

it needs to be summer already! i miss short shorts, skirts, tank tops, and swimming. i miss my bronzed skin. i should really get started on working out so i can have a "beach bod" i really don't wanna work at it, so my plan is to just eat less. just now i halfed my lunch with anna, yeah it was mashed potatoes and a shepherds pie, but whatevs, no biggie. i'll just burn all those calories as i walk up and down the stairs to class. 3 flights. that's a lot. so you know. i got this. haha NOT. i'm never going to get the body i want. i love food too much. and i'm just going to have to accept it. gah. lame. at least i can still be dark. haha. that's really the only thing i don't have to any effort into. it just naturally happens. even during the winter i'm tan, but during summer i'm DARKKK. :) at first i used to hate it. but when people started complimenting me on it. it wasn't so bad anymore. i've learned to embrace it. my mom on the other hand hates it. she wants me to be pale like her. haha but o well.

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