Thursday, March 29, 2012





i really can't wait for my jewelry organizer to come in alreaddddddy! i still need to remind myself to pick up my extra shoe cubicle for my apt from my parents house. i need to find a way to organize this shizzz. i also need to find a way to better store my boots. i really wish i didn't throw the boxes away so i can just stack them up. now i have no where to put them :( i swear, this weekend i need to do some major cleaning/organizing. i also need to do laundry. i MUST MUST MUST make it habit to do it at least once every week/two weeks so it doesn't pile up like this. ughhhh i want a maid. lol

superrrr blessed

i honestly need to thank God on a regular basis for all the blessing He's bestowed upon me! tonight our division manager gave us our review at ups because our station manager is on vaca. basically, i got a pretty decent raise. woohoooo. time to celebrate! haha just kidding. more like time to save. once i pay off my wf credit card, i'm really going to take saving money seriously. with the rate i'm going, i should have been at least able to buy a new car or at least save up for a down payment for a townhouse or something. i have to keep reminding myself that i have more than enough clothes/ shoes / accessories/ electronics/ etc. i need to find a way to generate more income. no clue what though, i need something that won't take up too much time during the day or something i can do from home. i wish i was good w/ sales cause then i'd totally do mannatech w/ John.

my future closet<3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



i honestly feel like my life is such a mess when i'm not organized. even when it comes to the smallest things like my jewelery. i just recently purchased these two items to help me get my shit together

i'm honestly convinced that this will change my life. if my jewelry was more organized, i'd probably be more prone to using it. i have so many accessories that i never wear cause i have them hidden from sight. i hate having clutter on my dresser so i just hide everything. by putting it out in the open, i'll more than likely start wearing them again.

so excited!!!

for coachella, EDC and Chicago! woooohooo. so much to looking forward to in the upcoming months! i figured i work my ass off all year long that i deserve to have a little bit of fun. it'll be my first time going to both edc and coachella so i'm hoping to have an amazing time. i feel like girls dress really skanky to both events so i need to lose some weight so i can fit right innn. hahaha all i've been doing is browsing the web for outfits to wear cause i don't feel like i have anything to wear. plus it gives me an excuse to go shoppins. i still have no clue what kind of shoes to wear cause i know i need to wear something super comfy. i might just go in my crocs hahaha.

i want this sooooo baddddddddlllyyyyy


ughhhh why do i love shopping so much?!? i really need to seek help for my shopping addiction. i'm surprised it's not to the point where i skip out on rent and buying food to shop instead. sometimes i wish i still lived at home so i'd have the extra money to buy more clothes. the horrible part is that i love to shop but not wear all the clothes i buy. i always wear the same stuff. i need to become more creative in how i dress. i have all this cute stuff but i rarely ever wear it. most of the time it's cause i'm too fat to feel cute in it. almost 100% of the time it's true. if i could control my eating habits, i'd probably be able to wear almost all my stuff. haha i wish i was naturally petite, i'd love to eat whatever i want not gain an ounce! that would be my number one wishhh lol i love that things are back to normal at work and that i can go back to my online shopping waysss. thanks to this girl, i can sometimes control my self from buying things i don't neeeed :)

love this girl

Sunday, March 25, 2012


did i let myself go?! i worked so hard on losing weight only to gain some of it back. i haven't fully gotten back to my old fatass self, but slowly but surely, i'll get there. ughhhhhhhh why do i love food so damn much?! it's so hard to resist. i canceled my gym membership thinking i'd work out at home, but i've been so lazy lately. coachella is coming up and i really need to lose some weight! i just wanna go in a bikini top and some shorts so i don't come back w/ tan lines. we all know that's not gonna happen though cause i love food too much. i just need to love working out as much as i love food!