Wednesday, March 28, 2012


ughhhh why do i love shopping so much?!? i really need to seek help for my shopping addiction. i'm surprised it's not to the point where i skip out on rent and buying food to shop instead. sometimes i wish i still lived at home so i'd have the extra money to buy more clothes. the horrible part is that i love to shop but not wear all the clothes i buy. i always wear the same stuff. i need to become more creative in how i dress. i have all this cute stuff but i rarely ever wear it. most of the time it's cause i'm too fat to feel cute in it. almost 100% of the time it's true. if i could control my eating habits, i'd probably be able to wear almost all my stuff. haha i wish i was naturally petite, i'd love to eat whatever i want not gain an ounce! that would be my number one wishhh lol i love that things are back to normal at work and that i can go back to my online shopping waysss. thanks to this girl, i can sometimes control my self from buying things i don't neeeed :)

love this girl


luvelle said...

I LOVE YOU MORE!!! hehehehahahahohohoho! said...

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