Wednesday, March 28, 2012

so excited!!!

for coachella, EDC and Chicago! woooohooo. so much to looking forward to in the upcoming months! i figured i work my ass off all year long that i deserve to have a little bit of fun. it'll be my first time going to both edc and coachella so i'm hoping to have an amazing time. i feel like girls dress really skanky to both events so i need to lose some weight so i can fit right innn. hahaha all i've been doing is browsing the web for outfits to wear cause i don't feel like i have anything to wear. plus it gives me an excuse to go shoppins. i still have no clue what kind of shoes to wear cause i know i need to wear something super comfy. i might just go in my crocs hahaha.

i want this sooooo baddddddddlllyyyyy

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